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Nestor Alfred, Former CEO of Saint Lucia CIU, Joins Migronis


The former CEO of the St. Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Unit, Nestor Alfred, has joined Migronis’s team. Nestor comes on board as a Strategic Partner and a member of the Board, representing clients’ interests in the Caribbean region and helping to develop the Caribbean direction. His career has led him to work in various jurisdictions such as London, Barbados, Grand Cayman, and Saint Lucia.   

Facts about Nestor Alfred 

  • Mr. Alfred served as the CEO of the Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Unit from 2017 to 2022 and has been credited with creating one of the most reputable Citizenship-by-Investment Programs; 

  • Nestor has presented many topics internationally and participated in many international forums on the subject of Citizenship-by-Investment programs; 

  • He is a contributor to the IMC certification in Investment Migration, having written the subject matter for the Module – Investor Migration – Know your Customer and Customer Due Diligence; 

  • The highly-qualified professional holds a BSc. (Hons) Management Studies from the University of the West Indies, Barbados, MBA Henley Management College/Brunel University (Lon), and Accredited Director (ACC.Dir) with the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada

“I remember the first time that I met the founder of Migronis, Anatoliy, and the indelible mark he left on my memory. He believed in personal freedom and wanted to achieve this for so many people. I share the same values, and being part of a company with the same vision and transparency in their business activities made it easier to be associated with Migronis,” Nestor Alfred says.

Over time, Migronis has developed a thorough understanding of the Caribbean Citizenship- by-Investment programs. Anatoliy Lyetayev, founder of Migronis, has visited all five Caribbean countries and has conducted interviews with all the CEOs of the CBI programs.

You can watch all videos from these islands on the company’s YouTube channel.

“The goal of Migronis is to be an efficient, professional, and reliable intermediary between the CBI Units and our clients who are seeking citizenship. We are continuously improving and building the strongest and most efficient team in the migration market. Nestor Alfred is not the last significant strengthening of our team by leading experts. We are collecting the best offers and the most lucrative real estate projects in order to develop a unique selling proposition and meet customers’ needs,” Anatoliy Lyetayev highlighted.

Freedom Unlockers from Kyiv 

Migronis is an international company based in Europe with Ukrainian roots. The company’s owner, Anatoliy Lyetayev, is an entrepreneur, a human rights lawyer, and an expert in the field of Citizenship-by-Investment. He lives in Portugal and strongly promotes the idea of personal freedom. 

The Migronis head office is located in Estoril (Portugal), and has further offices in Ukraine, the USA, and the UAE. 

Anatoliy Lyetayev developed Flag Theory into the philosophy and community of Freedom Unlockers.  

A Freedom Unlocker is a person who lives according to the concept of personal sovereignty, values freedom, and discovers the world. He supports solving global problems that affect the whole world, from fighting poverty and protecting the environment to achieving gender equality in our lifetimes.

Learn more about Migronis on the official website.