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Introducing CiviQuo – The Booking.com of Investment Migration Programs

In 2018, there are more than 90 residence and citizenship by investment (RCbI) programmes worldwide. Hundreds of immigration companies, law firms, licensed agents, intermediaries and introducers promote RCbI, a figure that keeps increasing. The growth in service providers has come in lockstep with the rising number of HNWIs. Simply put, the RCBI industry is growing both on the supply- and the demand side.

So far, the industry has been susceptible to limited transparency, fragmentation and somewhat lacking in customer centricity. Every country is trying to promote its programme(s) whilst service providers are focused on promoting their programme portfolio. Large firms compete to retain market share; small firms struggle to source the next client.

In the meantime, prospective clients are finding it harder to make an informed decision. First, clients have to shop around to overcome the limitations of the programme portfolio offered by the different agents. Then they have to shop around for price. Even after they find the best price, they have few reliable indicators by which to judge service providers in terms of reputation and service levels.

For agents, the business pain lies mostly in finding a consistent stream of leads. The commissions paid for lead generation, the budgets for marketing promotion and client acquisition keep increasing alongside the growing number of competitors.

What’s needed is a platform that lets customers easily compare service providers, and that gives firms that offer reliable and professional service but don’t have large marketing budgets a fighting chance.

Enter CiviQuo.

CiviQuo will disrupt the RCbI industry by solving these problems. And the best part about the platform is that it’s not even after your market share! On the contrary, CiviQuo will provide unprecedented lead-generation, at a fraction of the costs, whilst creating a much more transparent and level playing field among service providers.

CiviQuo is an effort to unify the RCbI industry through a platform, which will focus on bringing together the largest selection of RCBI programmes, agents, and intermediaries, enabling each to showcase their offering, in the most transparent manner.

One of the objectives is to allow users the highest level of freedom and flexibility. Clients will be able to search and compare programme features, attributes and cost, to name but a few.

The user-friendly portal takes today’s tedious search process and changes it into a pleasant online experience, which empowers clients to make an informed decision by providing them with agents’ fees, reviews, and ratings.

One of the benefits of this approach is that it makes the journey of acquiring RCBI even more personalised. Those that are comfortable using a laptop, a mobile or a tablet to make their purchases online, can now start the journey to acquiring residency or citizenship through CiviQuo.

Ultra-qualified leads, courtesy of CiviQuo

If what you have read so far is not enough to make your pulse go a little faster, there’s more. This unprecedented level of access to the industry is further complemented by a high level of transparency. Where CiviQuo really stands out is through the bold move of asking the agents that will feature on the website to disclose the professional fee they will be charging. This is done so that clients know upfront exactly how much everything will cost.

Once a client selects their preferred agent, they will be asked to input the necessary details and the enquiry is sent to the chosen agent so that they can undertake the client on-boarding. This allows agents to focus on what they do best; creating the application packs and submitting to the respective CIU. CiviQuo will take care of the lead generation and conversion, similar to what booking.com does for the travel industry.

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There is a great sense of support and collaboration within the CiviQuo community. For example, through the annual subscriptions, small and medium firms can access a multi-million marketing budget – as opposed to a stretched expense to attend conferences or hire someone for business development. CiviQuo puts together everyone’s subscriptions to have a significant marketing budget, making CiviQuo the RCBI industry’s tangible version of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.”

CiviQuo – which, by the way, is a combination of the latin civi (meaning “citizen”) and quo (meaning “anywhere”) – also allows the big players to showcase their presence by providing enhancements, which can be accessed through the tiered subscription rates ranging from as little as €7,000 per annum for a bronze subscription.

CiviQuo retains an equitable arena by providing access to a rating and review mechanism for service levels, pricing, and the overall client experience, ensuring a fair and democratic review by the clients themselves. Allow us to repeat that – CiviQuo is able to give a fighting chance to the smaller firms to compete with the larger firms!

Larger organizations usually have large overhead costs, whilst smaller firms are more nimble and may offer a more boutique approach at a better price. CiviQuo brings all of this dynamic into one elegant and attractive package for the client. Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? CiviQuo may just be the way for a small firm to write that story!

In our humble opinion, this is exactly what the industry has been waiting for to be able to rise to the next level of maturity.

A transparent, modern, equitable and democratic approach to the industry, which puts the client firmly in the centre of everything and gives them full control. Clients are now empowered to choose the solution that best fits their needs, the service provider which offers the best price/quality ratio, open and transparent agent reviews and ratings, and full up-front, pricing disclosure.

This level of transparency, openness, and inclusivity that CiviQuo is bringing to the game is at a level yet unseen within this industry. CiviQuo is setting a new standard in the industry – one which may well incentivize the RCBI skeptic to take the plunge and acquire alternative residency or citizenship.

This is as close as it gets to bringing a true, online retail experience to the RCBI industry and with CiviQuo set to launch in Q4 of 2018, this is a truly welcome breath of fresh air.

CiviQuo’s vision is to simplify the acquisition of RCBI, to an extent where larger volumes justify lower prices.

The CiviQuo team is currently accepting early bird subscriptions by agents and intermediaries and may be contacted at info@civiquo.com or through their website, www.civiquo.com

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