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Holborn Pass Targets 50 CBI Specialists as Part of Aggressive Expansion Plans

Holborn Pass
IMI Official Partner

Holborn Pass continues to expand within the investment migration industry through targeted partnerships in vital outbound markets, and the company is seeking more partners worldwide to join in on its revolutionary, profitable structure.

Holborn’s innovative approach allows its partners to instantly become the best service providers in their respective markets. By offering a robust infrastructure, top-tier services, and in-depth training, Holborn’s partners can operate within the most competitive commission structure in the industry.

Holborn already has 25 offices spanning four continents, and we are looking for top-tier professionals to join our dedicated RCBI team at Holborn Pass and be part of our global expansion.

As partners at Holborn Pass, you are not just self-employed; you are in control of your professional life. You can set your own hours, choose your working locations, and more, enabling you to achieve the perfect life-work balance that comes with a high-income level.

This approach aligns with Holborn’s values, prioritizing our employees’ mental health and happiness. As a family business with deep-rooted family values, Holborn has fostered an environment and structure that allows our employees and partners to make enough money to enjoy life while providing them with ample time to do so.

We pride ourselves on having minimal staff turnover and a high level of employee satisfaction. We believe that comfortable, happy employees who produce high quality work on their terms as self-employed partners are the key to sustained, profitable growth, and you can be part of that vision.

Massive Infrastructure

Holborn partners may be self-employed, but that doesn’t mean they are alone, far from it even.

We provide our partners with in-depth training, informational databases, and high-quality marketing material. By utilizing the robust infrastructure already in place, our global partners can elevate their standing in their markets quickly and seamlessly, giving them an edge over existing and potentially new players.

By utilizing Holborn’s informational base and the help of our veteran professionals, you can expedite your professional development as a Holborn employee and grow your knowledge in multiple areas.

Our in-house digital marketing team also offers essential support and advisory, allowing you to attract more business and leads. The team can also help create webinars that elevate your personal brand and position you as a thought leader within the market. 

We also provide our partners with unique tools, such as access to our Mortgage Hub, an in-house mortgage brokerage that can help you enhance and optimize your business and provide distinctive services to your clients.

In addition to all of this, Holborn provides partners with a simplified retirement plan through our comprehensive Practice Buyout option, a simplified route to hang up your boots and ensure financial security.

Unmatched Client Support

At Holborn, we understand how important the client’s journey is to our business. By helping our global employees streamline that process, we are able to create a unique experience that puts you above and beyond the competition.

We provide a cutting-edge client portal with live valuations and portfolio analysis. This is bolstered by our 24/7 global customer service center that ensures our clients can reach us wherever they are and whenever they need us.

We also conduct two annual service calls by one of our Level Four Qualified Client Service Managers to ensure our clients are satisfied and to get crucial feedback to continue optimizing our processes. 

Unhindered Opportunities

Holborn Pass is part of Holborn Assets, which is much more than just RCBI. 

Holborn Assets is a massive wealth management and financial advisory firm that has dominated the market since our partners first established it in 1997.

Holborn Assets’ services include in-depth financial advisory, investment management, mortgages, brokerage, insurance, property management, and more.

By becoming part of Holborn’s team, you can access those services as well, giving you an excellent platform to upsell existing clients and provide a more comprehensive service to any new RCBI clients you get. 

We offer our employees and partners the ability to create entire infrastructures for their clients, going beyond RCBI; thus, allowing you to offer something unique that the competition cannot match.

By having access to all of our services and our infrastructure, you can create a system where you sign new clients on a unique high-commission structure and then refer them to our network to ensure sustained, continuous income based on other services.

At Holborn, we offer the ultimate path to making massive profits through a simplified yet comprehensive structure that can elevate you above the competition and ensure you can meet any of your client’s needs.

To learn more about this innovative and revolutionary global expansion and become a member of the team, contact Holborn Pass’ recruitment team directly at ryan@holbornassets.com