Freedom Business Summit And Estonia e-Residency Bring Together 1,000 Global Entrepreneurs

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Freedom Business Summit 2020 is an international online summit in partnership with e-Residency Estonia that brings together entrepreneurs, travelers, investors from around the world to share their knowledge, skills and expertise.

  • 30 SPEAKERS. Learn from the best.
  • 3+ ONLINE STAGES. Laser focused speeches. Workshops. Online Breathwork.
  • 2 DAYS. Business and knowledge sharing.
  • 1 DAY. Online Mastermind.

Join 29-30 September, 2020 more than 1,000 of the world’s best entrepreneurs to learn the proven strategies, get proven systems to build a freedom business, build a winning mindset, and run your business globally from freedom entrepreneurs, world travelers, global investors and remote startups founders.

Freedom Business Summit – is not just a regular summit, it is a philosophy of location independent lifestyle that is organized in official partnership with e-Residency Estonia and travel insurance SafetyWing.


The summit agenda includes 2 days of online networking and business and knowledge sharing and 1 day of online mastermind. 

There will be 3 online stages and all participants will get access to practical keynote talks, online panel discussion and practical workshops.

Stage 1 is all about building and managing remote teams, running virtual companies, growing agency business and online education. 

Stage 2 is all about building a winning mindset, personal development and personal transformation to 10x growth.

Stage 3 is all about global business, tax and immigration strategies, second citizenship and nomad visas


More than 30 speakers and entrepreneurs from 22 countries: Brazil, USA, Estonia, Japan, UAE, Canada, Portugal, Romania will join Freedom Business Summit to share their experience about managing and running a remote business.

The speakers of 3 online stages will be Marvin Liao – VC, ex-partner at 500 STARTUPS (USA), Akira Iguchi – founder of Solo Millionaire (Japan), Gavin Dantez – E-commerce entrepreneur (Bali), Nate Ginzburg – Amazon entrepreneur (USA), Tanzeeb Ahmed – Managing Partner of Buzzy Bee (Dubai), James Whittet – Mindset and Conscious Evolution Educator (Hungary), Parul Gujral – CEO Snowball Money (USA), Tony Lux – Luxury Goods Marketer (France), Alex Huditan – Entrepreneur at Amazon & Lifestyle (Romania) and many others.

Each expert will share their experience from managing remote online teams and a virtual company, to investing abroad, obtaining a second citizenship, registering companies in low-tax countries, opening bank accounts and obtaining visas for online entrepreneurs.


Remote business leaders – you run a business remotely, sell on Amazon, or do dropshipping on Shopify and want to learn how to upscale your business to the next level;

Coaches and Consultants – you are in consulting or coaching, you run an online training company;

Startup founders – you established a startup and manage a remote team;

Here is what to expect:

Professional International Networking – meet hundreds of remote entrepreneurs, virtual CEOs, travelers from all over the world. Make new friends, learn, share information, and create meaningful connections.

Proven Business Models – hear proven strategies from entrepreneurs who faced the same challenges as you and who overcame the same hurdles. You will learn about the newest ideas and insights for starting and running a remote business.

Inspiration – The Freedom Business Summit team believes that building a remote business takes the right amount of inspiration. Here you get exactly what you need to create a profitable remote business and a free life!

The Freedom Business Summit 2020 is not just your regular online summit. This is the philosophy of building a location independent lifestyle and business.

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Summit organized and produced by Travel MBA

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