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Bluemina: Credibility and Transparency – A Success Story in The Citizenship and Residency Industry

Bluemina Citizenship & Residency

Bluemina, a trendsetting firm in the MENA region, has been providing reliable legal services in the arena of citizenship and residency by investment (RCBI) since 1997. Bluemina’s values are utilized daily with a team of professional advisors and expert consultants that work hand in hand to cultivate credibility by building internal and external trust with stakeholders and governments around the globe to deliver the best, most credible solutions and trustworthy programs.

Bluemina pride themselves on a 100% satisfaction and success rate amongst over 12,000 success stories around the world and strong government ties in over 15 countries, including several commonwealth Caribbean countries such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, as well as nations in other regions such as the USA, Portugal, Malta, and Greece

Their expert staff can acutely analyze their client’s specific situation, needs, and budget; providing them with the best solutions to guarantee lifetime benefits and security plans for themselves and their families within a short period of time. 

The company excels in offering smooth and transparent processes that substantially streamline obtaining a Commonwealth or European passport, and as their Managing Partner, Bashar Daoud, once said: “We’ve given our clients and their families a lifetime of security, freedom, and opportunity when they acquire their second passports and citizenship. That is our golden moment.” 

It is in the culture of Bluemina to continue expanding; the goal is to grow our position as the standard of excellence in the MENA region and meet the growing surge in demand for second citizenship and permanent residency by investment programs. “There is no higher form of success than a satisfied client,” Daoud adds. 

Bluemina has proven over the years itself to be an innovative and competent firm in the region with 9 branches to date in Amman, Dubai, Doha, Shaikh Zayed, Giza, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, and Ramallah.

Bluemina is also planning to open branches in other countries throughout the GCC, as well as being pioneers in launching the first Virtual Office experience in RCBI, which will allow Bluemina to expand into more untapped markets, resulting in more success stories. 

Bluemina’s professional alliances with the governments have reflected great success and enormous demand in return. Daoud highlighted the importance of these alliances during his participation in the International Migration Counsel discussion panel with the presence of all Caribbean governments and Prime Ministers by saying, “The responsibility of the program really lies on all three parties, which are the government, us the practitioners and the client himself”.

CBI and RBI’s benefits and advantages make pursuing a second passport or residency by investment through Bluemina a lifetime guarantee and the most valuable asset an individual and families can obtain today with ease and simplicity by opening an array of benefits and opportunities.

Bluemina’s team prides itself on providing guidance to help individuals become holders of a Commonwealth or European passport within a short period of time. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis remains the most attractive option of all, especially for families looking for better living standards and safe investments. 

Quoting The Honorable Dr. Timothy Harris, St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister: “I know it takes a team effort, and so I want to congratulate all of you; employees and associates of the Bluemina company for the work that you have been doing and to encourage you to continue doing your best you can each day and certainly I believe that you will seek more and more success”.

The commitment, dedication and willingness that lies in Bluemina’s culture and values make them constantly eager to cater to the needs of individuals and their families across the MENA region. 

Their professional personnel will help you choose the program that best suits you with the utmost transparency and excellence throughout the journey. With authenticity, commitment, accountability, and a solid foundation, Bluemina are always the first to provide individuals and their families with long-lasting stability and lifetime security. They believe that credibility and transparency are key to success. 

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