Podcast: “A Cook Islands Trust is the Gold Standard” for Asset Protection – Benjamin Lodmell on the Mobility Standard

Our guest on the Mobility Standard podcast this week was Benjamin Lodmell of asset protection specialist firm Lodmell & Lodmell.

Lodmell has spent the last several decades working on more than half a dozen countries and, together with his father and brother, has built the world’s leading asset protection firm serving several thousand clients.

We spoke about

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  • His global journey and what it was about Lisbon and Portugal that made him remain here;
  • What asset protection is and who needs it;
  • What lessons the investment migration industry can draw from the development of the asset protection industry, namely, how to go from having an image problem to being widely acknowledged and how to grow from being a service for just a small segment of society to reaching the mainstream;
  • Why asset protection and investment migration go hand in hand.

Lodmell: “30 years ago, it was only really high-risk professionals like medical doctors and dentists and others who were sensitive about being sued who were our client base. Now, it’s just anyone with a net worth because we’re in a system where anyone can sue anyone for any amount of money, they don’t have to prove why, they can get an attorney for free on a contingency, they don’t have to pay your legal bill if they lose the case against you, so […] anybody who has a net worth of more than half a million qualifies.”

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