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Senior Private Banking Executive to Head Henley & Partners’ Government Advisory Practice

Henley & Partners have announced that Dominique N. Bolli, a Georgetown-educated Swiss national with a private banking and wealth management background from several illustrious firms, will be leading their Government Advisory Practice.

London, Thursday, 7 September 2017

Former senior private banking executive, Dominique N. Bolli, has been appointed as Head of Henley & Partners’ Government Advisory Practice, which provides assistance and expertise to countries around the world on economic development strategy and the implementation of residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs.

Over the last 20 years, Henley & Partners’ Government Advisory Practice has assisted countries in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe on the design, implementation and operation of the world’s leading investment migration programs. To date, it has raised more than USD 6 billion in foreign direct investment. These programs are designed to provide a mutually beneficial solution, helping meet the economic development needs of a country as well as the growing movement of global citizens. By offering greater choice, opportunity, freedom and security to wealthy and talented individuals, governments secure much-needed foreign investment which helps drive economic growth, and enrich their own nation by attracting people with proven business success and valuable networks. The programs also assist in improving the visibility and relevance of smaller nations, especially in regions such as the Caribbean, by attracting big international developers and creating other global business opportunities.

Dr. Juerg Steffen, COO of Henley & Partners, says people are more interdependent and mobile than ever before, and the concepts of borders and belonging are changing. “Today, it is progressively more common to be educated abroad and to have roots, footings, connections, residences and even citizenship in more than one country. Governments need to adapt to this changing landscape to remain competitive and attract investment and talent. Wealthy individuals and their families now see alternative residence and citizenship as a valuable and strategic asset allowing them to operate globally, reduce their exposure to external threats, increase their international flexibility and open up new opportunities for growth.”

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Dr. Steffen continues, “We have never had so many governments contacting us and asking for advice regarding the design and implementation of investment migration programs. These governments acknowledge that they do not necessarily have the required knowledge, expertise and experience to develop and manage these complex programs, and maximize the positive impact they can have on their country — and that’s where Henley & Partners’ Government Advisory Practice comes in. The practice provides governments with access to the world’s most experienced policy advisors, foreign direct investment specialists and legal experts. We are confident that our appointment of Private Banking industry veteran Dominique Bolli to this very important strategic position will ensure that governments and their citizens are able to fully realize the significant benefits of investment migration programs.”

Mr. Bolli says he considers himself a global citizen, having lived and worked in major cities such as New York, Geneva, and Zurich, and looks forward to assisting others realize the many opportunities and benefits of global mobility. “I am honored to join such a reputable professional industry pioneer and leader. Henley & Partners has a long and impressive track record of designing and implementing the best citizenship and residence programs in the world. They are continuously setting new industry standards when it comes to due diligence and remain at the forefront of innovation and best practice.”

Prior to joining Henley & Partners, Mr. Bolli was a senior private banking executive with over 20 years’ Wealth Management experience at leading global financial institutions such as Coutts & Co. Ltd., UBS, and J.P. Morgan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., a Certificate of Political Studies from Science Po, Lyon II and completed his studies in Quantitative Portfolio Management at the University of Geneva.

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