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Finding the program most suitable to your clients’ needs can be a daunting task, at least if you are an ethical investment migration advisor guided by what’s best for your client rather than what’s best for your commission prospects.

There are more than a hundred capital-based migration programs (64 of the best ones are listed in the program pages so far and we are adding new ones every week); some require investments, others require a specific level of income, while yet others require entrepreneurial activity.

What’s best for your clients depends on a wide range of factors with which you are already familiar:

  • Which regions do they want access to?
  • Are they willing to relocate or do they just want the option to?
  • What can they afford?
  • Are tax issues a concern?
  • Do they want it now or are they willing to wait?
  • +++

To help you narrow down the search for your clients, we are introducing two new features to the IMI Program Pages:

#1 – The customizable Comparison and Filter Chart

Sort through and compare 64 capital-based migration programs to find the one that ticks all your boxes.

Sort and filter by:

  • Minimum contribution requirement (relevant for CIPs, Golden Visas, and Active Investor Visas)
  • Income necessary to qualify (relevant for Independent Means Visas)
  • Physical presence requirements
  • Time to permanent residency
  • Time to citizenship
  • Passive investment option availability
  • Availability of real estate, bond, and business investment options
  • Visa-free travel possibilities
  • Whether the program leads to tax residency (presuming you are seeking permanent status)
  • Whether the program is in a low-tax country

#2 – Pre-Filtered Program Selections

For those not sure which filters to apply, we’ve sorted programs into several ready-made selections, each based on common client profiles. See our overview of programs that offer:

  • Citizenship or PR – in EU/EEA – without becoming tax resident
  • EU citizenship and right of settlement anywhere in EU – in 5 years or fewer
  • Visa-free travel to EU/Schengen – in under 1 year – for $200k or less
  • Immediate PR or citizenship – in a low tax country – with visa-free travel to EU/Schengen
  • PR in 3 years or fewer – in low tax country – for $30k or less
  • Citizenship within 3 years – for $50k or less
  • Citizenship in 2 years or fewer
  • No investment required
  • Visa-free travel to EU/Schengen
  • Minimum investment under $100,000
  • No/negligible physical presence requirement
  • + several other interesting combinations

Try out the comparison chart with filters of your own choosing or browse our ready-made collections.

We’ll keep adding programs to the Program Pages to ensure you have the widest possible range of programs to consider.


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