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Release: Comprehensive Database on More Than 200 Investment Migration Programs

In partnership with Stephane Tajick Consulting, IMI is today releasing the world’s most comprehensive database on residence and citizenship by investment programs, the IMI-STC Investment Migration Program Database.

The Database contains essential information on more than 200 investment migration programs globally.

Author and curator of the database is specialist researcher, government advisor, and consultant in the residence and citizenship by investment sphere, Stephane Tajick, who since 2016 has provided the investment migration industry with a vast set of data and reports.

Previously only available for sale via STC’s website, the Database will henceforth be fully accessible for free to IMI Club members, thanks to an official partnership between STC and the IMI Research Unit.

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What the STC Investment Migration Program Database contains

For each program and subprogram, you’ll find entries on:

  • General program information
    • The government’s official website for that program
    • Program inception date
    • Date of last program amendment
    • Application quota (if applicable)
  • Application process
    • Language of application
    • Language of documents
    • Definition of parent and child dependents
    • Main applicant application costs
    • Adult and child dependent application costs
    • Spouse application costs
    • Renewal timeframes
    • Renewal costs
    • Whether applications must be filed through an appointed agent
    • Total application processing time
    • Detailed explanation of application procedures
    • Whether an interview is required
    • Details on restricted nationalities
  • Investment requirements
    • Investment types
    • Investment type details
    • Investment amounts
    • Investment timeline
    • Investment holding period
    • Special benefits corresponding to the investment
    • Whether financing of the investment is permitted
  • Conditions of acceptance
    • Links to required documents list
    • Age restrictions
    • Financial requirements
    • Proof of origin of funds requirements
    • Criminal record documentation requirements
    • Medical certificate requirements
    • Health insurance coverage requirements
    • Language proficiency requirements
    • Exam requirements
    • Business experience requirements
    • Business ownership requirements
    • Accommodation requirements
    • Commitment to long-term residency requirements
    • Business plan requirements
    • Job creation requirements
  • Initial residence status
    • Residency status type
    • Residency objective type
    • Residency duration
    • Minimum length
    • Maximum length
    • Residency pattern
    • Physical presence conditions
  • Permanent residency
    • Residency requirements
    • Physical presence requirements
    • Health status requirements
    • Language requirements
    • Criminal record documentation requirements
    • Financial requirements
    • Exam requirements
    • Additional costs to obtain permanent status
    • Processing time
  • Citizenship
    • Residency requirements
    • Physical residency duration requirements
    • Absence rules
    • Age requirements
    • Health status requirements
    • “Intention to reside” requirements
    • Financial requirements
    • Criminal record documentation requirements
    • Language requirements
    • Exam requirements
    • Ceremonial requirements
    • Dual citizenship conditions
    • Additional costs to obtain citizenship status
    • Processing time

IMI Club members can access the entire database for free here.

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