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Fall 2017 Asian Investment Migration Conference Circuit: Reporting Schedule

Conferences in the investment migration business are predominantly concentrated in the spring and the fall, and overwhelmingly in Asia. When sketching out the overview of this autumn’s Conference Bonanza earlier this year, I wrote the following:

“Second citizenship and residence professionals from right across the globe will literally make hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals this fall. A veritable smorgasbord of conferences is coming up chockablock in September, October, and November. You can’t possibly attend them all, so you’ll have to be judicious in your choice of events. If you’re looking for direct clients, see the events marked B2C. If introducers, agents, lawyers and so on are your target demographic, the B2B events are your best bet.

November, in particular, will see an unparalleled flurry of activity, with conferences rolling off the shelf at a rate of 3.25 a week.

Hold on to your hats.”

Well, November is right around the corner and, for the benefit of our esteemed audience, the Investment Migration Insider team will be attending seven conferences in the space of two weeks, in five different cities. While we feel like camels about to pass through the eye of a needle, we also know that this is that one time of year when a real Who’s Who of the residence and citizenship by investment industry will be in this part of the world, that exciting announcements will be made, and that heated debates will be on display; we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

For certain conferences, we will be conducting video interviews with leading industry decision-makers, and for others we will be moderating panel discussions. At several of the conferences, we will also have a stand where you can stop by.

Dozens of you have been getting in touch to ask which conferences are worth attending, and at which ones you can meet us. Representatives of Investment Migration Insider will be attending:

Oct 31-Nov 2: China Offshore Summit in Shanghai

Nov 1-3: 11th Industry Elite Convention in Beijing

Nov 5-7: 12th Industry Elite Convention in Shanghai

6-7 Nov: Investment Immigration Summit in Hong Kong

Nov 8-10: International Migration Summit in Guangzhou

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Nov 9-10: Investment Immigration Summit in Bangkok

Nov 14-16: 11th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference in Hong Kong

If you catch us at any of these conferences, don’t hesitate to say hello.

We also very much regret that, due to geographical and chronological constraints, we are unable to attend the following conferences:

Nov 2-3: Residency & Citizenship Expo @ IREIS in Abu Dhabi

Nov 10-12: 12th Quality Lifestyle and Property (QLP) Exhibition in Guangzhou

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