Citizenship by Investment No Shelter Against Extradition, Grenada Warns Potential Criminal Applicants

“We have extradition treaties with lots of countries, we have an extradition treaty with Russia, and if Russia requests you for anything illegal, we will send you back, we will hand you over,” said International Business Minister, Nikolas Steele, during a conference this week, according to Pride News Canada.

Anyone attempting to use Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme to escape a criminal trial or to engage in crimes will have their citizenship revoked, the minister cautioned, adding that the country would also revoke citizenships of anyone extradited to a third country.

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The Minister emphasized that criminals, or potential criminals, should not regard citizenship by investment as a way of shielding oneself from international justice.

Antigua & Barbuda, another CIP jurisdiction in the Caribbean, has thus far declined to extradite an India-origin citizen accused of bank fraud on the grounds that it cannot hand over its citizens to foreign authorities in the absence of sufficient evidence, which they say Indian authorities have yet to provide.

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