Thailand Introduces Practically Free Visa for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

In a bid to boost tourism and attract more visitors, Thailand yesterday announced the introduction of the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV), specifically designed for digital nomads and remote workers.

The DTV is valid for five years and allows individuals to stay in Thailand for up to 180 days a year. Additionally, visa holders can extend their stay once for a maximum of 180 days by paying an additional fee of 10,000 baht (approximately US$280).

To qualify for the DTV, applicants must be at least 20 years old and prove financial reserves of at least 500,000 baht (roughly $14,500) throughout their stay in Thailand.

This financial threshold is low compared to other countries in Asia offering similar visas, such as Malaysia, which requires an annual income of $24,000, and Japan, which demands $63,00 for a digital nomad visa.

DTV holders will be permitted to work online for overseas clients while in Thailand. However, working for a Thai company would require obtaining a work permit in the country.

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The fee for the Destination Thailand Visa is 10,000 baht (approximately $280). The government has yet to announce the official application process for the DTV visa, but applicants will likely be able to apply directly at the immigration office in Thailand or through a Thai consulate or embassy.

An additional benefit of the DTV is that visa holders can bring their legal dependents, including their spouses and children under the age of 20.

More detailed information about the Destination Thailand Visa will be available starting from June 1st, 2024, according to local media reports.

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