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The Investment Migration Market Eligibility Index (IMMEI)

The IMMEI helps investment migration executives decide on which markets to focus their time and resources by indicating which markets are relatively more attractive.

The IMMEI relies on purely quantitative data to rank potential investment migration markets according to their relative suitability as targets of RCBI-firm investment and marketing.

To that end, we evaluate each market according to five main indicators and 14 sub-indicators, including HNWI population estimates, RCBI competition levels, historical RCBI participation data, economic and demographic trends, regulatory and legal considerations, and many others. Read about our methodology by clicking the “Methodology” tab below.

List your professional profile in IMI Experts

IMI Experts is the directory for trusted specialists on residence and citizenship by investment. Readers looking for help with investment migration will find you here and can contact you directly.

IMI Experts grew out of the continuously rising number of requests IMI’s editorial team receives from readers wishing to be put in touch with experts in the field.

Readers can sort through our vetted selection of specialists and contact them via the methods they’ve chosen; email, phone, or social media.

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IMI Club members have free access to research, reports, and databases produced by our affiliates.

Our selection of partner research continues to grow. Right now, you’ll get access to three products immediately upon becoming an IMI Club member:

Preferential access to IMI Research Unit reports

IMI Club Pro members have free access to all our IMI Research Unit reports, while IMI Club members get discounts of up to 50%.

Though we are planning several more reports in the next few months, two are already out:

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IMI Club members can watch in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in investment migration.

Interviews already published include talks with:

  • Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist
  • Mohammed Asaria of Range Developments
  • Eric Major of Latitude
  • Jean-Francois Harvey of Harvey Law Group
  • Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Free access to the IMI Resume Bank

IMI Club members can browse our database of experienced investment migration candidates looking to change jobs. More than 100 candidates are listed so far.

Filter candidates based on years of IM experience, age, education, previous positions, and more.