Global Residence Program

Malta’s Global Residence Program is a physical residency and tax residency program designed to attract non-EU/EEA nationals to the country by offering preferential tax rates.

The program permits families to settle in Malta and pay sharply reduced tax rates on overseas income.

The residence permit is initially valid for one year and, subsequently, renewable in two-year increments. After five years in Malta, the individual can apply for long-term residence and naturalization. 

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Program at a glance

Program TypeIndependent Means Visa
Time to citizenship5 years
Time to permanent residency5 years
Minimum investmentNone. Proof of adequate means and accommodation
Physical presence requirementNone, but no more than 183 days a year in any other country
Application processing time2-3 months
Citizenship grants visa-free travel to190 destinations, including Schengen countries and the US
Contribution types availableMinimum annual tax payment

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