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How to Choose Between the 32 Major Investment Migration Events Remaining in 2019

32 large-scale investment migration conferences, exhibitions, and summits remain in 2019. But how do you know which ones are worth your time and money? Follow our 3-step guide to find out which events are right for you.

Step 1: Determine who you are hoping to meet; clients, partners, or both?

Investment migration events typically fall into one of three categories; B2B, B2C, and hybrids. Which event type is right for you depends on what type of company you represent and what you hope to get out of your attendance.

Events with the words “Expo”, or “Exhibition” in the name are generally B2C or hybrids, while those that contain the words “Summit”, “Forum”, and “Conference” are generally B2B.

As a rule, if you wish to meet clients directly, B2C or hybrid events are the most suitable for you. If you’re hoping to forge partnerships with intermediaries or introducers, or if you’d like to interact with government officials, events of a strictly B2B-nature are your best bet.

Using our overview below, you can apply the event type filter to see only events of either the B2C, B2B, or hybrid categories.

Of the 32 events left in the year,

  • 16 are in the B2B category
  • 11 are hybrids
  • 5 are in the B2C category

Step 2: Pick the general geographic area of interest

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Just as with the event categories, our overview gives you the ability to filter events by geographic locations. Of the 32 major events remaining in 2019,

  • 12 are in China
  • 9 are in Asia (excluding China)
  • 5 are in Europe
  • 3 are in the Americas
  • 2 are in the MENA region
  • 1 is in Russia/CIS

Step 3: Visit the event’s website to explore the events in further depth

IMI lists all major investment migration events without playing favorites, and we can’t vouch for the quality of any particular event. Many events – particularly in China – claim to be the “biggest”, “most important”, or the “most influential”. Clearly, they can’t all be the number one event, so there’s a degree of subjectivity and bravado at play. You’ll therefore have to conduct your own due diligence of each event.

Play around with the overview below, and see the calendar view at the bottom.

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