The United States E-2 Visa – Program Overview

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E-2 Visa Requirements

  • National from E-2 Treaty Country (see list of eligible countries here)
    • Foreign nationals can also obtain passports from E-2 Country by ancestry and Citizen by Investment Programs
  • Invest a substantial amount of capital in a business in the United States
    • Substantial amount should be relative to the cost of the business
    • Financial commitment to the success of the business’s operation
    • Recommend a minimum of $200,000 USD in a business
  • Purpose in moving to the U.S. is to direct and develop business
    • Own at least 50% of the business
    • Oversees the operations through a managerial role

Key Benefits

  • Theoretically no limitation on the types and sizes of E-2 businesses
  • May be renewed indefinitely
  • Children under 21 years of age can attend U.S. schools
  • Spouse can obtain work authorization 
  • One of the highest U.S. Visa approval ratings at 92%
  • Short processing time often less than one month
  • Typically used by entrepreneurs starting new ventures in the U.S. when they do not have any affiliated businesses abroad
  • May sponsor other essential employers that have same nationality

Important Notes

  • Must demonstrate that the business is growing and is profitable over five years to obtain extension
  • Requires lump-sum investment amount in the beginning (generally more than $200,000)
  • No direct path to a green card
  • Investor may only work for the investment business, which served as the basis for the E-2 visa application
  • Should have professional business consultants, immigrations attorneys, and advisors that will support you

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* This information is meant as a reference and it is always advised to consult with an immigration attorney