The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program – Overview

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Introduction to Dominica

Also known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” Dominica is a tropical paradise with an abundance of hiking trails, 360 fresh water rivers and geothermal hot springs. Plus, it is home to the endemic Sisserou Parrot and a resident population of sperm whales that thrive in the deep blue sea surrounding the island.

Dominica is indeed a renown ecotourism destination and it has already reopened for business ahead of the rest of the world. Additionally, with a population of only 72,000 it is naturally low density which makes it an ideal destination in the new era of social distancing. 

Dominica has a stable democratic government with strong constitutional protections for investors. The legal system is based on English Common Law and English is the national language. Dominica’s GDP is approximately US$500 million while the local banking system is well capitalized and financially sound.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Established since 1993, Dominica citizenship by investment is one of the world’s oldest and most accessible CBI programs. Furthermore, the government of Dominica has nurtured the integrity of its program over many years and it continues to appreciate in value while the cost remains the same. To qualify for Dominica citizenship, applicants must submit to a due diligence background check plus make the required investment into the Dominica economy.

The two established investment options for Dominica citizenship:

  1. Non-refundable minimum contribution of US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF).
  2. Invest a minimum of US$200,000 into a government approved real estate development.

A family unit which can be included as part of the same application consists of the main applicant and spouse, plus their dependents. Dependents of the main applicant or the spouse of the main applicant may include children, parents, grandparents, newborns, new spouses and siblings (additional costs and certain limitations may apply).

Dominica Citizenship Highlights

  • Dual citizenship is allowed with no requirement to renounce your current citizenship.
  • Enjoy the right to live and work in any of the CARICOM countries.
  • The application is strictly confidential with no requirement to notify your country of origin.
  • The Dominica passport is issued by a neutral country with a noninvasive foreign policy.
  • Dominica’s legal system is based on English Common Law.
  • There is no requirement to ever visit the island or reside there in order to retain citizenship.
  • No tax on overseas income including capital gains, wealth or inheritance tax.
  • There is no personal interview requirement for the application process.
  • Visa free or visa on arrival access to 137+ countries including all of the EU, UK, Russia, all of the Commonwealth Nations plus Hong Kong and much more.
  • English is the national language and there are no fluency requirements.
  • As a citizen of the British Commonwealth you may receive assistance at British Embassies and consulates plus preferential treatment inside the UK.

Constitutional Legitimacy

Dominica citizenship by investment is a 100% legal citizenship by investment program that is fully authorized by Section 101 of the Dominica Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of The Citizenship Act.

Dominica Citizenship Application Process

  1. Investor enters iGlobal professional service agreement and iGlobal completes preliminary background check.
  2. (Real Estate Only) The applicant completes the reservation forms and enters the purchase and sale agreement, then submits a 10% down payment.
  3. Application forms are completed and all of the supporting documents are gathered. The application package is checked by our legal team.
  4. Investor pays processing, professional and due diligence fees in full.
  5. The due diligence background check starts to run and will take approximately 60 days.
  6. Dominica government issues the letter of approval in principle.
  7. Investor transfers the remaining investment funds and government fees.
  8. The certificate of naturalization is received and submitted to the immigration department in addition the passport application.
  9. Dominica passport(s) is issued and delivered to the investor along with the Certificate of Naturalization.

Answers provided by iGlobal