Why Google, Facebook, and Intel Are Investing in Ireland’s Future, And Why You Should Too


Why Ireland?

Located in the west of Europe with breathtaking landscapes and the world’s warmest welcome!

Ireland for investment

Ireland is home to many of the world’s leading high performance companies; Intel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pfizer, Citi, Huawei, Takeda, Fujitsu, Novartis, Trend Micro are among the many companies that have set up here.

For them, Ireland is an attractive location with an abundance of high-performing people with positive attitudes.

Many other countries are highly envious of Ireland’s capacity to succeed in growing the volume of foreign investment during challenging economic times. Among key industries, many of the world’s leading corporations have already opted for Ireland as a productive business location.


One of the safest and most secure options for Investors looking towards the Irish opportunity is the IDLF investment fund. This fund is regulated by the Central Bank  of Ireland and was established to meet the needs of the Irish IIP. The IDLF fund is the only asset-backed debt fund available on the Irish market and so offers the investors the comfort of getting their funds returned after the term of the investment.

IDLF has an impressive board of directors with senior executives from the banking and international finance sectors and includes a former Prime Minister of Ireland.

It offers the opportunity for non- EEA investors to invest in Ireland in return for long term residency status.

IDLF is an asset-backed mutualised debt fund which offers a very secure option for investors seeking to access the Irish Investor Visa Programme.

Advantages of the Irish programme

  • Ireland is a committed member of Europe
  • No requirement to learn English
  • Residency requirement only 1 day per year
  • Permanent residency for applicant, spouse & children up to 24 yrs old in full time education, for 5 years & renewed every 5 years, even after the investment period is closed and investors, money returned.


  • Investors must be of good character
  • Investors must not have been convicted of any criminal offences in any jurisdiction
  • Minimum investment is €1m
  • Investors must prove a minimum net worth of €2 millio

Contact IDLF 

Irish Diaspora Loan Fund

14 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: +353-1-635-3753



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