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Webinar on Monday: Is The Golden Visa Ending? Six Legal Experts Answer Your Questions

Optylon Krea

On Thursday, Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa shocked the investment migration market by announcing his intention to end his country’s golden visa program. But the press conference also left many questions unanswered, such as whether there will be a transition period, what will happen to those who invested in funds, what will the conditions for renewal be, and – indeed – are the proposed measures even constitutionally permitted?

To get answers, we at Optylon Krea have gathered six of the most knowledgeable and experienced immigration law specialists to answer all questions in detail.

On the agenda

  • A summary of the Prime Minister’s announcement on the golden visa
    • The essence of the decision
    • The timeline of the lawmaking process
    • The question of the measures’ constitutionality
  • What we don’t know yet
    • Will there be a transition period? If so, how long?
    • What will the conditions on renewal be, especially for those who invested in funds or commercial real estate?
  • What can applicants and investors do now?
    • First step: Opening a bank account
    • Choosing the investments
  • What is next for Portugal?
  • Q&A

The six legal experts available to answer questions are:

  • Gustavo Dias of CRS Advogados
  • Ana Rita Reis of Edge International Lawyers
  • Manuel Nogueria of Legal Square
  • Un I Wong of MdME Lawyers
  • Pedro Catão Pinheiro of Next Gali Macedo & Associados
  • Sara Sousa Rebolo of Prime Legal

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