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Structured Italy Dolce Visa Investment Products for Every Type of Investor – The Magwind Method


The Italian Golden Visa, or La Dolce Visa, has been long overlooked by many investment migration firms and global investors. This slight has historically had valid reasons – ranging from a high capital outlay, a rigid investment format, and, most crucially, a debilitating physical residence requirement that mandated successful applicants to remain in Italy for at least half of their time. 

However, all of those factors have changed in the last 18 months.

Recent amendments to the residency by investment (RBI) scheme through what the government calls the Decreto Rilancio, or the Revival Decree, have put Italy’s Dolce Visa on par with – if not ahead of – its European counterparts in terms of simplicity, benefits, and fiscal sensibility. 

The decree slashed the minimum investment in half, allowed for more flexible investments, and completely scrapped the physical residence requirement. These changes make Italy’s Dolce Visa one of the world’s most affordable and least demanding RBI programs. And many have taken note.

While the increment in absolute numbers remains low compared to other golden visas, the percentage increase in applications is conspicuous, as the government announced a staggering 300% uptake in the number of La Dolce visa applications. 

This growth is an indicator of how the road ahead will swerve as more companies and investors become aware of the program's improved terms. Add to that the allure of the Italian brand, which is already more recognizable than those of other EU golden visa nations, and the program's popularity is certain to grow rapidly.

The Italian government certainly got its changes right; now, it is up to RCBI firms to do their job and provide their clients with products and investment opportunities that can make the program a world-beater. 

Providing a portfolio of eligible investment products, for every level of risk appetite

The Italian government introduced its golden visa scheme back in 2017, several years after the launch of most of its EU peers.

Because the terms were less competitive in the early years, the program never really took off. But thanks to the recent (overdue) amendments, the time is ripe for experienced industry specialists to create attractive, competitive Italy Dolce Visa products.

At Magwind, we boast a unique team of professionals with a diverse range of expertise, ranging from investment advisors, financial experts, immigration attornies, tax specialists, and macro-micro economists. This holistic team allows us to offer comprehensive, bespoke services to our clients and, after more than a decade of working in the realm of EU golden visas, we have the expertise and ability to take the Italian Golden Visa to the next level.

Our focus at Magwind doesn't stop with immigration, as our view of RBI is that of two major components; the immigration element and the investment element. And we do believe that both are equal in terms of importance. 

While many consider the investment component as a less consequential means to an end (getting a residency permit), we acknowledge it to be just as crucial, which is why we have prepared an exhaustive list of investment services and products that allow prospective applicants to have their cake, decorate it as they like, and eat it too. 

The Italian government has done its part for the golden visa, and we have built upon that by providing investors with a unique investment framework that allows us to match them with the investment option that perfectly suits their preferences, budgets, and tax objectives, all culminating in an Italian residence and substantial ROI. 

We have taken all of our experience operating within Portugal's and Malta's citizenship and residency by investment programs and used it to create the optimal roadmap for the Italian Dolce Visa, providing our clients with the best products in what is surely going to be one of the world's most interesting RBI programs. 

Whether an investor wants to invest in safe, low-risk investments, high-risk, high-reward ventures, end their investment with a tangible asset, or establish a corporate foothold in the EU through Italy's La Dolce Visa, we have got them covered. We also analyze each client's case and provide them with custom-tailored investment options that qualify for the visa and match their desired investment portfolio. 

The most crucial part of all this is that Magwind’s investment products are already available for global investors. Applicants can peruse a vast portfolio of products in which they can invest, and our experts can aid them in customizing any investment venture to meet their preferences and objectives. Our main goal was to enter the Italian RBI environment with a suite of solutions prepared for our clients, and that is exactly what we have done. 

With over 400 satisfied clients, a 100% success rate, and a major focus on our values such as complete transparency and empathy, we at Magwind have the know-how, ability, and foresight needed to make the Italian Golden Visa the best one in Europe.

Those interested in knowing how we work, what we offer, and how we can provide investors with impressive returns under the Italian Dolce Visa program, should contact us today to book a comprehensive meeting with one of our experts.