How Ireland Became the New Favorite Destination of Chinese HNWIs

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It is not (yet) widely known that Ireland has a very attractive Residency by Investment programme. The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) was launched by the Irish Governments’ Department of Justice in 2012 but has only really become popular in the last two years.

Since 2015, the number of applicants to this programme have increased with nearly 400 applicants every year looking to secure residency status in Ireland. Figures for 2016 showed a massive spike in the Irish scheme’s popularity and of the 329 individuals who applied to secure residency under the scheme, 313 were from China.

In fact, Ireland has emerged as the third best destination for Chinese millionaires looking to emigrate according to the China-based research firm Hurun Institute which found that Ireland has emerged as a “dark horse” destination for wealthy Chinese.

Ireland has Europe’s second highest GDP per capita (in PPP terms)

This, maybe, should not be such a surprise as Ireland is English-speaking; is a committed member of the EU; is the fastest growing economy in Europe; is recognised as having a very high quality of life and one of the best education systems in the world.

“With its youthful demographics and a diverse range of advantages, Ireland, conveniently located in the west of Europe near the UK, boasts a beautiful natural environment and strong social welfare, in addition to a low tax burden,” the Hurun report said. “It also has a strong knowledge-based sector, and is a world leader in cutting-edge high-tech fields such as computer science, Ireland has become a new favourite” among Chinese high net worth individuals.

Ireland is a world leader in high-tech fields like computer science

One of the safest and most secure options for Investors looking towards the Irish opportunity is the IDLF investment fund. This fund is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and was established to meet the needs of the Irish IIP. 

The IDLF fund is the only asset-backed debt fund available on the Irish market and so offers the investors the comfort of getting their funds returned after the term of the investment. IDLF has an impressive board of directors with senior executives from the banking and international finance sectors and includes a former Prime Minister of Ireland.

Ireland boasts some of the world’s highest ranked universities

The Irish IIP, requires investors of good character to invest €1m into a regulated investment fund, such as IDLF, and the investor must be able to demonstrate a total nett worth in excess of €2m. In return, the investor secures a full ‘Stamp 4’ residency visa for themselves, their spouse and their children.

The visa enables the investors to live, work, establish a business, educate their children and enjoy the quality of life that Ireland offers. Approval times are between 6- 8 months which rates very favourably with other English speaking locations.

A useful element of the Irish visa programme is that the residency status may be maintained by the investor only visiting the country for one day per year. This is very attractive to investors who require a safe ‘second option’.

After five years, the investors funds are returned but they can continue to renew their visa every five years for life. Alternatively, for the investor who has taken up full residency in Ireland, an application for citizenship may be made after five years in Ireland. The Irish passport is widely recognised as being a very valuable passport for international travel.

So, the Irish Residency by Investment scheme is rapidly gaining in popularity and offers many very attractive features to a high nett worth individual considering securing residency in Europe. Of the options available, the IDLF offers the most secure, credible investment option.

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