Unique designer two bedroom patio house in exclusive condo - *Porto Golden Visa Guarantee

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Dom Pedro Quinto, Qualive’s most recent development project, is situated on Rua Dom Pedro V in the sophisticated district of Massarelos, Porto with hilltop views to the Douro river and a short walk from Porto’s charming downtown. A grand manor house sits upon a terrace, surrounded by tall maple trees and hanging vegetation, walled in by antique granite. Dom Pedro Quinto embodies a style of modern living that balances seclusion and openness,discretion and grandeur, community and privacy.

*In light of the upcoming Golden Visa changes Qualive now offers clients who wish to proceed with the ARI/Golden Visa residency program in Porto, Portugal a special guarantee on their reservation contract. Buyers will be given a 60 day period to collect all documentation. Buyers will have the right to terminate the reservation agreement and request a full refund of the €10.000 deposit within 60 days, if the Ari/Golden Visa in Porto is canceled within this time-frame.

The 2-bedroom Patio house: The patio house includes a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and living room that overlooks a tranquil private garden through floor-to- ceiling minimalistic sliding glass windows. Continuous surfaces of terrazzo, that ancient form of recycled marble striking in both style and craftsmanship, cross thresholds. Natural wood and marble are two other central materials, as the homes are built out of Portugal’s best natural materials and resources. The countertops and cabinetry are locally crafted, integrated with top brand appliances. The bedrooms are generous light, airy, and come complete with integrated storage. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, minimally designed and outfitted with porcelain made by a leading brand in national ceramic. Local cabinet makers work all the carpentry into seamless and detailed finishings. The garden extends to the original granite wall facing a canopy of maple trees allowing for the utmost privacy but still flooding the homes with light. The garden’s sense of life, light, and freshness will be brought into the interiors of each Casa. The condo: Dom Pedro Quinto includes four distinct yet cohesive housing concepts carefully crafted within the terraced quarter all have private outdoor spaces. At the center, Casa Dom Pedro, the original mansion, is renovated into a six-room boutique guest-house, the facilities of which, including the pool and breakfast room, will serve both guests and residents. The gardens are landscaped to be self-sufficient, growing naturally within the terraces’ ample supply of light and water. Floating concrete planes connect the antique wall to the houses, creating new and modern terraced levels that rise to the river view while still maintaining the privacy and grandeur of the quarter.

A bespoke furniture pack can also be offered as an extra to include designer furniture and decorations allowing the whole process of moving in to be simple and convenient.  Parking is also available at an additional cost. Designed by a boutique real estate developer with expertise in projects of architectural significance and cultural worth. This is an ideal investment for the Golden Visa Program – Reduced option of 350k!
  • Listing ID: 53489
  • Enables residence and/or citizenship in:: Portugal
  • Enables owner's visa-free travel to:: EU/Schengen
  • Price range: US$250,000 - US$500,000
  • Ownership type: Freehold
  • Minimum holding period to maintain residence/citizenship status: 5 years
  • Construction status: Under construction
  • Property type: House/Villa
  • Income-generating property: Yes
  • Annual maintenance costs borne by the buyer: Yes
  • No. of rooms: 1, 2
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