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At the centre of the Roman wall enclosing historic Évora, the Misericórdia church sits in its leafy square. The grand house beside it conceals a gardened courtyard, painted frescos, and five centuries of history. Once our restoration is complete, this hotel will be known as Palacete da Misericórdia.

Qualiv’s intervention will pay attention to history, context and rehabilitation will ensure that we give the building a new future that honours its past and the city itself. So as not to compete with the ornamentation of the architecture nor the layers of stylistic developments that give the house its character, our design will be one of rehabilitation and modernisation, with minimal interiors and sophisticated architecture.

The 5-star hotel will include: 33 rooms, spa, pool, lounge, reception, breakfast, garden, terrace, and bar. There will also be a gourmet restaurant on the premises.

Key info

Price per share: 280,000 €/share
Guaranteed annual return: 3% p.a.
Guaranteed buyback in year 6, after the start of operations
7 nights’ free stay every year

Based in Porto, Portugal, Qualiv is a full-service real estate developer backed by individual investors and family funds. Qualiv is recognized as being at the height of design and the forefront of growth. Website:

  • Listing ID: 78463
  • Enables residence and/or citizenship in:: Portugal
  • Enables owner's visa-free travel to:: EU/Schengen
  • Price range: US$0 - S$50,000
  • Ownership type: Shares
  • Minimum holding period to maintain residence/citizenship status: 5 years
  • Construction status: For renovation
  • Property type: Hotel rooms/shares
  • Income-generating property: Yes
  • Annual maintenance costs borne by the buyer: No
  • No. of rooms: More than five
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