Holiday Inn Beja, Portugal

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General Information

This property is a 4-star hotel in Beja, Portugal. The property is eligible for Alentejo Golden Visas and investment in the hotel is available for €280,000.

The investment is a restoration project that will renovate the building’s interior while maintaining its beautiful historic facade. Therefore, the concept aims to preserve the building’s historical character while pumping new life into its interior. The designers are renovating the hotel to include aspects of the traditional Alentejo style to give guests a truly unique local Portuguese experience.

Additionally, the hotel is right in the city center and is close to all of Beja’s cultural and historic attractions. It has 92 rooms, 4 floors, and 163 parking spaces in a total of 4936m2.

The hotel has many facilities, including a commercial area with retail shops, a bar, a restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool, among others.

The call for investors went out in December 2022, and the project is expected to be completed in Q3 2023.

Investment Information

The hotel meets the qualifications for Alentejo Golden Visas, and the project is calling for 60 investors to invest €280,000 each. This is currently the lowest investment amount that qualifies for Golden Visas. Furthermore, additional benefits include IMT paid by the developer, guaranteed buyback after 6 years, and 7 days of annual free stay in any affiliated hotel in Portugal. The net operating profits are expected to surpass €1,200,000 by the seventh year of operation.

Developer Information

The developer is a local property development firm with a track record of operating excellent hotels and residences in Portugal. Moreover, they specialize in Golden Visa properties and have extensive experience in rehabilitation projects that have delivered value to stakeholders and secured Golden Visas for foreign investors. Many of the projects they work on are members of international hotel brands with a global reputation. The developer continues to expand its portfolio by taking on high-quality renovation projects throughout Portugal.


Beja is the capital of Portugal’s Alentejo region. The hotel is right in the heart of Beja and near the city’s best attractions. Nearby attractions include the ancient Roman village of Pisões, Beja Castle, and the city park. Thus, it’s an ideal city for biking or walking. Beja is 12 minutes from the nearest beach, just 2 hours from Lisbon, and less than an hour from Spain. 

As the second largest city in Alentejo, Beja has over 2500 years of history with cultural and historical relics that depict the city’s past. As a result, Beja offers modern facilities, excellent quality of life, and ample opportunities for commercial activities in a place with rich historical character.

The Alentejo region is famous for wine production, and there are over 250 local winemakers in the region. The region’s historic vineyards date back to Roman times. Therefore, visitors to the region today can experience this long history of winemaking while enjoying Portugal’s conveniences.

Portugal remains one of the most sought-after destinations for Golden Visa investors, who are drawn to the country for its sunny climate, developed infrastructure, safety, and laid-back lifestyle. Accordingly, residents enjoy a high quality of life and can access Portugal’s world-class education and healthcare facilities. Portugal’s Lisbon Airport also has regular flights to five continents.

  • Listing ID: 75221
  • Enables residence and/or citizenship in:: Portugal
  • Enables owner's visa-free travel to:: EU/Schengen, United States (ESTA), United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Price range: US$250,000 - US$500,000
  • Ownership type: Shares
  • Minimum holding period to maintain residence/citizenship status: 5 years
  • Construction status: Under construction
  • Property type: Hotel rooms/shares
  • Income-generating property: Yes
  • Annual maintenance costs borne by the buyer: Yes
  • No. of rooms: 1
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