Malta RVP – FAQ

Answers provided by Malta RVP Experts GICG

Can parents or grand-parents of the Main Applicant be applied for as dependants? 

 Yes. A parent or grandparent of the Main Applicant or of his/her spouse, who proves to the satisfaction of the Minister that he/she is not economically active and is principally dependant on the Main Applicant, is eligible as a dependant. If a grandparent is being applied for as a dependant, proof that shows the link between the grandparent and the Main Applicant/spouse has to be provided (such as for example a ‘family-tree’ through birth certificates of the Applicant/spouse, the birth certificate of the respective parent, and then the grandparent

In the case of an application for the entire family, are there additional fees? 

No. The €30,000 covers the entire family. However, a residence card processing fee applies when a residence card is issued or renewed.  The fee is of €27,50 for a one-year time period per person.  Hence a card valid for 5 years carries a fee of €137,50. 

Will the Beneficiary be required to retain an investment portfolio (property and bonds), after having satisfied the obligation holding this for five years, for the residence card to be re-issued? 

No.  He/she may sell the qualifying investment portfolio, still retain Maltese residency on condition that other requirements stipulated in LN 288 of 2015 are still met. However, to retain residence he must provide a suitable residential address

Would the Beneficiary have to commit himself not to sell the property for the first five years if he decides to purchase a property? How would this be monitored in practice? 

No, the Beneficiary does not have to commit himself not to sell the qualifying property.   This can be sold as long as it is replaced by another qualifying property. The monitoring happens on an annual basis for the first 5 years through the submission of a Form MRVP5 – Official Compliance Form, which is to be signed by the Beneficiary and the RAP/RAA and submitted by the RAP/RAA to Identity Malta Agency. After the first five years, monitoring will happen once every five years.

If the Applicant is in possession of assets amounting to €500,000, or an annual income of €100,000 (arising outside Malta) – is the amount applicable only to the Main Applicant or is it applicable also to the other listed dependants? 

The amount is applicable to the Main Applicant only.

Would the department require the original birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc., after the residency is granted?

No.  The certificates are required at the applications stage and they may be submitted either as original or certified true copies of originals. These documents should be either apostilled or legalised, as the case may be. If such documents are in a language other than English these should be translated to English. Translations done abroad should be apostilled or legalised.  Translations done in Malta should be carried out by a registered translator.