IMI Services

IMI offers a variety of specialized services for companies in the investment migration market. If your company is engaged in the residence/citizenship by investment business, chances are you’ll find a use for one or several of the types of assistance we can offer.

See an overview of our services below and click ‘Learn More’ for detailed descriptions.

IMI Content

Content writing for RCBI companies at IMI quality standards

IMI Content

Do you need well-written, engaging articles on RCBI-related topics for your company website to generate leads or improve SEO? We know how hard it is to find people who can write articles in flawless English, understand the investment migration market, and don’t already have a job.

We’ll provide the content you need at reasonable rates and on short notice. We’ll also help you plan a content outline and schedule based on your target audience and long-term strategy.

IMI Video

Promotional video production for the RCBI market

IMI Video

Showcase your property development, company, or product with a world-class promotional video. IMI Productions – through its parent company, Brass Tacks AS – produces beautiful, ultra-high quality promotional videos for hotels, companies, and destinations with a special focus on the investment migration market.

Whether you need a video aimed at investors, agents, business partners, or clients, IMI Video has you covered.

IMI Research

Order customized, data-driven reports on markets, customers, and positioning

IMI Research Unit

Prosper in the RCBI-market with precise data
We help our clients decipher the dynamic and complex investment migration market – locally and globally – by analyzing trends, compiling data and statistics, and navigating jurisdiction-specific regulatory environments.

IMI Research Unit produces RCBI market analysis, RCBI statistics research reports, company database curation, country-level reports, and many other types of custom research.

IMI China

We’ll set up and develop your social media presence in China

IMI China

Through our official partner in China – Luc Lu’s YueYangJu – IMI is able to offer a full-suite WeChat service. We’ll apply for, set up, and manage your company’s official WeChat page, where you’ll be able to share content and interact directly with your Chinese followers.

We’ll translate all your content to Chinese and publish on your WeChat up to four times a week and review your content to ensure it doesn’t contain words or phrases that might violate China’s strict publishing rules.