Portugal Golden Visa Statistics

Qualifying Municipalities for Real Estate Investment – Portugal Golden Visa

From January 1st 2022, the qualification for a Portuguese golden visa (ARI) through real estate investment will vary by municipalities and, in some cases, individual parishes within municipalities

Per-year investments in Portugal's Golden Visa
(in EUR millions) As of Sep 30th, 2020

Portugal Golden Visa Main Applicants by Month and Provenance

Portugal Golden Visa Program: Number of Visas Issued per year - main applicants and dependents

Portugal Golden Visa - Total investment by month in EUR millions.

Investment by Asset Class - Portugal's Residence by Investment Program

Alternative assets as share of overall ARI investment in Portugal
Alternative assets are defined as any investment or capital transfer option other than subparagraph 3 (EUR 500,000 real estate investment)

Portugal Golden Visa - Cumulative permits issued to main applicants since 2012, by category.

Total FDI by ARI Investment Category - Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa - Applicant nationality distributions - Cumulative nationality distributions of golden-visa recipients

Housing price indices, Portugal and Greece

Chinese applicants as % of total applicants approved for Portugal's golden visa by year

Portugal Golden Visa Fund Investor Approvals

Millions of euros raised under the Portuguese golden visa program's fund investment option by year

Average investment per main applicant
in thousands of euros

Portugal Golden Visas issued to Americans by month

Cumulative investment - Portugal Golden Visa

US applicants' share of overall Portugal golden visas

Portugal Golden Visa Approvals for American Applicants

Cumulative Nationality Distribution - Portugal Golden Visa

Top 5 Portugal Golden Visa Investor Nationalities