Possible Fake Saint Kitts CIP Approval Letters Discovered, Agents Questioned on Discounts


In a story first reported by Caribbean News Now, that same publication claims to be in possession of “a copy of a letter purportedly sent by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) of St Kitts and Nevis to a local authorised agent. The letter states that “the application via real estate option” in a named development for a specified individual “has been approved in principle for Citizenship by Investment”.”

The letter, writes CNN, goes on to say that “payment of US$150,000 must be made within six months”.

Saint Kitts & Nevis’ real estate option, for reference, has a minimum investment requirement of US$200,000, not US$150,000.

In a written statement, the consultancy firm to which CNN says the letter is addressed maintains it has “never received such a letter from the unit and has never forwarded such a letter to anyone,” and adds that it has officially requested the Saint Kitts and Nevis CIU conduct an investigation into the matter.

Les Khan, head of the CIU, said there were no government-sanctioned discounts on any of the options and that any approval letters sent from the CIU would “reflect the amounts as published”.

The letter in its possession, writes CNN, appears to be based on a contribution option approval letter that has been “tampered with in some way” and includes odd phrases like “the application via real estate option”.

In other words, either the letter is forged (which appears likely considering the unconventional wording) or the firm to which it is addressed is not telling the truth.

The matter, says Khan, is under investigation.

Agents offering citizenship packages for less than the official rate

Khan also said he had just returned from a marketing trip to the UAE during which he met with agents to reiterate that citizenship packages may not be marketed for less than the official rates, currently starting at US$150,000 for contributions and US$200,000 for real estate.

Khan’s admonishments notwithstanding, a wide array of agents in the region have been marketing the Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP at price points well below the official rate for several months already, sometimes offering “all-inclusive” citizenship by investment for single applicants for as little as US$100,000.

Among the firms named – along with screenshots of the marketing campaigns in question – are several well-known RCBI-consultancies.

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