André Gonçalves

Client Advisor at Passport Legacy

André is a client advisor at Passport Legacy, the globally trusted residence and citizenship by investment firm recognized for delivering bespoke, high-value immigration investment solutions.

Founded in 2018, Passport Legacy is the preferred partner for thousands of international investors who turn to us for our unparalleled expertise and personalized approach. A Swiss-owned and managed advisory operating through six global offices, we work hand-in-hand with governments around the world to provide seamless access to top-tier residence and citizenship by investment programmes that offer life-changing benefits.

As an established government-authorized advisory, our multi-disciplinary international team of immigration investment experts work with clients every step of the way to secure extraordinary results.

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Residence and Citizenship by Investment





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“Thanks to IMI Pro, I am never that one guy in the meeting that hasn’t heard about the latest RCBI program price cut or rule change. Getting those regular alerts is simply necessary for me to stay on top of this rapidly-changing market.”

Eric G. Major
CEO, Latitude Residency & Citizenship